Diamond Way teachers


Gabriella Czeiner

Gabriella was born in 75, Hungary. She lived in Finland for 16 years and returned to Hungary in 2015. Gabriella met Diamond Way Buddhism in -95 and took refuge in -96, Budapest. She has been a teacher since 2009 by the request of Lama Ole. She has two grown up children.


Göran Norling

Göran (SWE) took refuge 2006 and was asked by Lama Ole in 2009 to start teaching. He works as a financial advisor and runs his own company


Martin Borg

Martin Borg (NOR) took refuge in 2002, and was asked by Lama Ole to teach in 2008. He has been translating Oles books and meditation texts since 2004. Martin founded Buddhist Center Heggedal in 2013, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Martin has a degree in jazz music and has been teaching, composing and touring since 2006. He currently works as a daily manager at a craft brew equipment store.


Thomas B. Froesig

Thomas took refugee in 1997. He started the Taulov center in Denmark in 2003 – today the Keycenter in Vejle. Thomas started teaching in Denmark in 2005 – and abroad in 2013. Moved to Kiel in 2015 and lives in the center. He works as a Teacher/Socialworker.


Zsolt Kecskés

Zsolt took refuge with Lama Ole in 1996 and started teaching from 2009. He is now living in Budapest and has two adult children. Zsolt lived 16 years in Finland until 2015. He works in IT-industry.